Francesco Rossis Produkte sind nachhaltig

Sustainability is key in Rossis Ltd. 

C02-Reduction-study with the ETH Zürich.

In 2008 over a period of time of 9 months, all production process within ROSSI Ltd and their CO2 emissions were analysed. Various changes in the order process, in the production and especially in the transport and travel arrangements showed a reduction of over 28%. Rossi Ltd is committed to keep working on it and is constantly improving ecological behaviour on all fronts in order to reduce the CO2 emissions and use as little energy as possible. 


Since almost 10 years do we trade-in used ROSSIS bags. We utilize the parts that can be reused again. These are being cleaned, renewed and put back into circulation. So the re-usable parts can live on. Moreover, customers who bring back a used Rossis bag have the chance to choose a product from the recycled line I was a bottle for a value up to 40.- 

Repair Service

ROSSI Ltd offers his clients a life long repair service. We repair bags and purses in our studio and therefore extend the life span of the products. For production flaws we offer a 3-year warranty.


Since 2009 ROSSIS uses recycled PET-fabric for the bag- and lining fabric of his Collection. PET is produced from fossil oil and is mostly used as packaging material for food and drinks. Today, used PET bottles are in large part recycled. They are cleaned, shredded, and then processed to yarn and finally to the desired fabric for the hand bag. Rossis I was a bottle Collection is made entirely out of recycled PET plastic fabric. The Classic Collection is made of Vegan Leather while the lining is made of the PET recycled plastic.   

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