Single company

First big collection for TrafficJam


First Pop Up store in Zurich. More Pop up stores followed

Store ID at Bellevue

First mono ROSSI Store


Second monostore in Zurich at Rennweg with 300m2 and 28 employees


First Rossi Store in Berlin with 50m2. Wholesale with 65 customers in Switzerland and 3.5 million revenue.

At the moment:
2 stores in Zurich:
Torgasse 1 at Bellevue and Albisstrasse 143 in Wollishofen.
Office in Wollishofen with 9 employees.



Francesco Rossi was born and raised in Switzerland where he still lives today.

He is father of 3 kids.

Francesco Rossi designed wedding dresses, as well as mass suits for Gentlemen. Slowly he started having a flair for leather products. He graduated as a cutter in the year of 1991.

At the beginning he started to design bags and wallets for Ladies as well as Gentlemen. It was always important to him that Rossi products had a simple design with an orange lining.

In the year of 2012 he started with an under brand called I WAS A BOTTLE. Within this brand he only produces sustainable products, such as pet-recycled handbags.

Francesco Rossi stays loyal to his motto: "Finding instead of searching, but sustainable".